Gun Barrel Tanto

gun barrel tanto weld final small (1 of 2)

One of a kind! This clay-hardened tanto pays tribute to the forge welding schemes of traditionally made Japanese blades. The blade was hand forged from a vintage Enfield Mark III barrel forge welded around a piece of mild steel rod. This unique blade is a modern twist on the traditional Japanese welding scheme known as a kobuse weld. this makes for a blade with enormous shock resistance due to its flexible core, while still allowing a very hard edge. Bare blade only! No habaki included. SOLD.

Folded Steel O-Tanto

tanto 12.75 inches skinny (1 of 2)

This powerful o-tanto (large tanto or short wakizashi, depending on your perspective) features a striking grain pattern and a choji hamon.  The complex folding process by which this blade was made yields a surface pattern (visible in the photographs below) resembling the grain pattern known as mokume which was found on many traditionally made Japanese blades.  It’s well over 12 inches in blade length and is fully polished.  Unmounted, blade only (no habaki).  SOLD.

Tanto – Folded Steel

tanto 10 inch folded skinny (2 of 2)

This tanto features folded steel in a mix of high and medium carbon.  Blade length is just under 10 inches (25 cm) and is fully polished.  The broad hamon features a gunome choji design with somewhat subtler ashi than is generally characteristic of my blades.  Unmounted, blade only (no habaki).  SOLD.

See photos below for details of the hada and hamon.  Click on the pictures to see larger images with additional detail.

Martial Arts Treasure Trove!

I’ve got several Japanese-made katanas for sale right now.  A couple of friends of mine are thinning out their collections of antique Japanese blades.  These blades are all hand-forged Japanese blades, mostly from the WWII period, and have all been used for martial arts practice.  All are fully mounted, fully useable blades that would be excellent for either the collector or the martial artist.  All include antique Edo period tsubas and some include other antique fittings.  If you have any interest in any of the katanas listed below, contact me for additional information.  I’ve got more pictures and details available on most of them.


Yoshiaki.  Nice long blade, 27 ¼ by 1 3/16 inches.  Very slim and nimble.  An ideal martial arts blade, distinguished by its length, which is unusually long for a Showa-to, making it perfectly sized for people of average modern Western frames.  Other than its unusual length, it’s a fairly typical high end Mino Seki type Showa-to.  The arsenal mark is Imperial Army.  Superficial pinprick rust.  Mounted by me.  The handle wrap’s showing its age, but, if I may say so, it’s one of the nicest martial arts sayas I’ve seen.  $3400, fully mounted.

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