Japanese Sword Polishing for Modern Blades

In this one hour and thirty minute DVD, bladesmith Walter Sorrells walks you through the steps involved in polishing modern Japanese style blades.  These modern “hybrid” techniques are intended to produce results similar (though by no means identical) to those of traditional Japanese polishing.

The focus of Hybrid Polishing is on establishing proper foundation geometry and on maximizing the beauty and clarity of the hamon and other activity in the blade.

Sorrells polishes three separate blades in the video — a tanto, a wakizashi and a katana.   Each blade is polished using different methods.  You’ll learn simple, inexpensive methods using sandpaper, as well as the more complex and technically demanding use of Japanese water stones.  You’ll also learn about finish polish techniques including etching.

The video is primarily aimed at bladesmiths making modern functional Japanese-style blades.  But Hybrid Polishing will also contain useful information for those who want to learn methods for improving the polish or the geometry of their imported tameshigiri blades.

The video includes information on:

  • Tools and Materials
  • Traditional Sword Geometry
  • Sandpaper Polishing
  • Japanese Water Stone Polishing
  • Etching/Finish Polishing To Bring Out The Hamon
  • Sources For Buying Materials

NOTE:  This video is not intended to teach you how to polish traditional nihonto.  As such, the video does not show traditional Japanese finish-polish methods using finger stones.  The finish polish methods shown here all employ modern abrasives.

PRICE:  $49 + $5 shipping in US or $10 international (payable by cash, check or money order, credit card, or PayPal)

LENGTH:  1:30

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