Making Hamons DVD


In this one hour and fifteen minute DVD, bladesmith Walter Sorrells walks you through the steps involved in making hamons — frequently referred to as “temper lines” — on blades.

While the video focuses on Japanese style blades, the information contained in the DVD can be used by makers of any style blade.

Sorrells shows in detail how clay is laid out on three separate blades — a tanto, a wakizashi and a katana.   Each blade is heat treated and polished.  You’ll learn to make a wide variety of hamons, from the simple straight suguha hamon, to complex designs like choji (clove blossom), hitasura, kikusui (chrysanthemum on water), sanbonsugi (three cedars), and many others.

The video includes useful information on:

  • Clay Layout
  • Hamon design
  • Heat Treating
  • Steel Choice
  • Tools and Materials
  • References for further study
  • Where to buy materials

NOTE:  this video is intended for blade makers with some experience.  While heat treatment and polishing are covered briefly, the primary emphasis of the DVD is on design and technique used in creating hamons.

PRICE:  $40 + $5 shipping in US or $10 international (payable by cash, check or money order, or through PayPal)

LENGTH:  1:15

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